Random Acts of Wow

Ever wondered what Paducah Bank’s WOW means?

This is it! This morning we brought the WOW to life! Last week Terry Bradley, Paducah Bank’s Chief Deposit Officer, attended a ribbon cutting for the Paducah Warming Center. He learned that the facility needed a washer and dryer. So, Paducah Bank went into WOW mode.
Washington Street Baptist Church, under the guidance of Rev. Ray Henderson, hosts the Warming Center. “We learned that the church staff has been spending most every day at the laundromat washing blankets and towels,” Terry explained. “So, Paducah Bank's Chief Marketing Officer Susan Guess and I hatched a plan.”
Tommy Hollimon (far right), the Executive Director of the Housing Authority of Paducah, and one of the organizers of the Center, agreed to find a way to get Rev. Henderson to Lowes without him knowing the real reason. Rev. Henderson thought he was going to look at light fixtures. “Terry and I were waiting at the door,” explained Susan. “We told him that instead of light fixtures, Paducah Bank wanted to buy him a washer and dryer! As we walked Rev. Henderson back to the appliances, the Lowes store manager, Daniel, came in with a WOW of his own.” Lowes is partnering with Paducah Bank and donating the dryer. In addition, Daniel filled a cart with Tide pods and dryer sheets. Paducah Bank matched the donation. “The washer, dryer and supplies have now been delivered.”
“Monday, January 24, Paducah Bank will celebrate 74 years of serving this community,” said President & CEO Mardie Herndon. “We can think of no better way to celebrate our birthday than by helping an organization committed to helping others. We are all so very grateful to Rev. Henderson and Washington Street Baptist Church for their leadership in providing a warm place to sleep and a hot meal to those in need.”