Liquidity Management

Increase liquidity while reducing risk with these management solutions.

Automate the movement of funds with Paducah Bank.

A better approach

Save valuable time

Implement these tools so you can focus on growing your business. 

Put idle funds to use

Funnel toward investments or use money to reduce debt. 

Leverage the convenience

Tailor these liquidity solutions to achieve your specific goals. 

Find the right liquidity management options for your business

By working with Paducah Bank, you can automate various aspects of your cash management process so you're always maximizing its potential.

Cash Concentration

This service is most beneficial if your company has more than one location in Paducah, Louisville or elsewhere in Kentucky and makes deposits into multiple accounts. Funds deposited into remote accounts at different financial institutions can be concentrated into a central master account via ACH transactions. This minimizes excess balances in the remote accounts, increases the availability of cash for other purposes (like investments or debt reduction) and allows for a greater return on cash resources.

Credit Line Sweep

Manage your daily operations with an automated sweep to and from your line of credit with available funds. You'll set a target balance to manage daily operations. Shortfalls will be funded from your line of credit daily or excess funds will be automatically applied to your line of credit at end-of-day processing.

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