Coin Club Savings Account

This is how kids start to get money smart.

Launch the savings habit early and it's likely to last a lifetime.

Just for kids

A shiny start

Open a Coin Club Savings Account with as little as a penny.

It grows fast

Earn interest on account deposits to teach the next generation the importance of saving.

They like tech

As an added enticement, children and teens can monitor progress through Online and Mobile Banking.

Bring us those nickels, dimes and quarters

Bring us those folded dollar bills from Grandma's birthday cards. And the crisp $5 from the weekly allowance. And paychecks from part-time jobs. Paducah Bankers help teach Kentucky kids that when they collect cash from here and there - and save it for months and years - it can add up to something impressive. At that point, you'll have taken a giant step toward teaching your youngsters an important financial lesson.

  • Coin Club Savings Accounts are for young people up to age 17
  • No minimum opening balance
  • No monthly maintenance fee as long as the account does not become dormant*
  • Free use of Online Banking and our Mobile App 
  • Six free withdrawals per quarter
  • At age 18, balance will be automatically switched into adult-level Basic Savings Account

Open a Coin Club Savings Account by visiting one of our Paducah or Louisville, Kentucky branches.

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*Dormant fee will apply if no activity occurs on account within one year.