Certificates of Deposit

Show a little patience, earn more money.

CDs deliver higher earnings right on schedule.

Worth the wait

Take your pick

Choose CD terms ranging from 91 days to five years.

Collect the cash

Certificates of Deposit feature higher rates than most traditional savings accounts.

Count on it

CDs are safe, secure savings tools that always earn money as long as you let them reach maturity.

The kind of predictability you'll come to appreciate

Making money from CDs doesn't involve any complicated investment strategy. And it certainly doesn't involve any risk. All you need to do is make one decision - how long do I want to save for? After that, you deposit your money, lock in an attractive earnings rate, and go about your life. When the saving period ends, you can be 100% certain you'll walk away with a good deal more than when your started.

  • Fixed-rate CDs available with terms ranging from a few months to several years
  • Open CDs for as little as $5,000
  • Benefit from interest rates that exceed those on most savings accounts
  • In general, longer term CDs feature higher rates
  • Initial investments and interest returns may be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Another Option

Paducah Bank also offers our customers a Liquid CD that functions more like a traditional savings account, though it pays a higher interest rate than our regular savings accounts. You may make deposits as often as you wish and can make up to four withdrawals per year.*

Open a Certificate of Deposit account by visiting one of our Paducah or Louisville, Kentucky branches.

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*Liquid CDs require $1,000 minimum to open and pay tiered rates of interest. WOW Liquid CD is available for Liquid CD balances greater than $250,000. Same fees, terms and withdrawals as the regular Liquid CD.