Make your money work harder and maintain anytime access.

Enjoy higher earnings without losing sleep over what might happen next. 

It's a sure thing

Guaranteed returns

Money Market accounts are like variable rate savings accounts, with regular interest payments.

Better rates

Money Markets out-earn most traditional savings accounts.

No time restrictions

Access your funds anytime - there's no minimum savings period. 

In this market, everyone comes out ahead

Money Market Accounts are popular with everyday savers because they're a sensible step up from ordinary savings accounts, earning interest like clockwork. For more seasoned investors, they're an excellent way to balance out a portfolio, adding welcome stability to the mix. And no matter who you are, you'll like the fast access to fund through Paducah Bank checks or Online and Mobile Banking.

  • Interest rates and returns exceeding our regular saving accounts
  • Access money easily through checks and digital banking tools
  • Track growth with a comprehensive monthly statement listing all Paducah Bank accounts
  • Unlike some investments, Money Market deposits are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to the maximum amount allowed by law

Open a Money Market account by visiting one of our Paducah or Louisville, Kentucky branches.

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