Financial Literacy

Do more with your money and ideas!

Our financial education articles help you plan and act. 

Money-Saving Tips for College Students

A few small changes can lead to more money in your pocket. 

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How to Make a Simple Budget

Track your income and expenses to see where you stand. 

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How to Get Out of Debt

Figure out how much you owe and put together a plan to pay it off.  

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Understanding Your Net Worth and How to Increase it

Take what you own, subtract what you owe and see how to move ahead. 

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College Planning and Savings Options

Discover the various accounts available to save for a college education. 

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Free Resources for Small Business Owners

Find plenty of support from the federal government and Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

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Growing Your Small Business

Take a closer look at the next steps in your company's journey. 

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Steps for Starting a Small Business

Put your idea into action and rely on helpful resources along the way. 

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Try Our Financial Calculators

Run the numbers before making important financial decisions.

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