You're always in control of your Paducah Bank Debit Card

Fight fraud, set up helpful alerts and keep track of all your activity


Create alerts

Define what type of activity will generate notifications. 

Set up travel alerts

This helps ensure your card transactions process smoothly. 

Report a lost/stolen card

You can act quickly to help keep your accounts safe. 

Manage your card using our digital banking tools

Whether using Online Banking or our mobile app, you can set rules for how your Paducah Bank Debit Card is used and monitor all activity involving your account, whether you're here in Paducah or traveling far beyond Kentucky. 


Raise Debit Card Limit Temporarily 

Tap Menu. 



Select Documents & Settings, then select Manage Cards. 

Select the debit card you are needing to increase the spending limit on, then select Request Temporary Spending Limit Increase

On the next screen, tap the green button that says Confirm Spending Increase.

Complete the required multi-factor authentication via phone call or text code submission. 

Your temporary spending limit has been successfully submitted. 

*This spending limit increase is valid for 30 minutes*

Set Up Travel Notifications



Select Menu


Select Documents & Settings


Select Manage Cards, then select a card to place the travel notice on. 


Scroll to the security heading and select Travel Notification


Provide your travel destination, as well as the beginning and ends dates of travel

When finished, hit Submit. 



Debit Card Transaction Alerts


Select Menu.


Select Documents & Settings


Select Manage Alerts


Scroll down until you see Card Alerts.


Select the card you want to enable alerts for and click Enable Alerts for this card. 


Select an alert type (Approvals, Denials,or Both)


Provide an email address and phone number as instructed. 


Select Save and you have enabled an alert on this debit card. 


Change Your Debit Card PIN

Tap Menu in the bottom left.

Select Documents & Settings.


 Select Manage Cards


Tap the arrow next to the card for which you want to change the PIN.

Select Change Pin

The Change Card PIN will display. 

Enter a new 4-digit PIN in the top box. 

Then, re-enter the pin in the designated box below. 

* If you're on mobile, tap Done or whatever Enter key is your device's keyboard to dismiss the keyboard. 

Tap Change PIN at bottom of the screen. 

Complete the Multi-Factor Authentication step to verify yourself then hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page. 

Tap Close Window at the bottom of the screen. 

Your PIN has now been updated. 

Turn Your Debit Card On/Off


Tap Menu in the bottom left. 



Select Documents & Settings


Select Manage Cards. 



Select the card you want to manage and proceed to tap Turn Card Off. 



Tap Turn Off to confirm you want to turn the card off. 

*To turn a card back on, simply go back and follow the steps in this guide



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