Risk Mitigation

You focus on making money. We'll help you protect it.

Our Risk Mitigation Services provide the tools to safeguard your company finances.

Extra set of eyes

Choose options

Implement Positive Pay and ACH Protection to spot fraudulent activity. 

Take control

We flag suspicious activity so you can review before processing. 

Reduce losses

Red-flagging fraud keeps your accounts more secure. 

Extra layers of safety mitigate risk for your business

As a business owner in Kentucky, your accounts could be targeted by criminals. At Paducah Bank, we can advise your business about the best ways to safeguard your accounts. From identity theft precautions to detecting and defending against fraud, we'll put protocols in place to protect your company.

Positive Pay

This service gives you the ability to detect possible fraudulent checks with an automated tool. Each time you issue checks for payment, you upload or manually enter the check information within your internet banking. When a check is presented for payment, we match the information against your issued file and report any exceptions to you for review. Each day, you will review your exceptions and approve or decline them. 

ACH Protection

This service lets you block ACH debits from posting to a specific account or  establish filters to allow pre-authorized items to automatically process per your instructions. You will be notified of exception items via secure email and can approve or decline them.

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