Oops Overdraft Protection

When it comes to checking overdrafts, we've got your back.

Paducah Bank's friendly approach keeps fees under control and finances on track. 

Hey, it happens

Free protection

There's no fee for signing up for the Oops overdraft protection program for your checking account.

Payments honored

In most cases, we'll process your checking transactions even if there's an overdraft.

Stays between us

We don't report overdrafts to credit rating agencies and it shouldn't affect your credit score.

To err is human. To say, "It's OK," is the Paducah Bank way.

Checking accounts are like revolving doors. All that money for bill payments and other purchases goes out. Paychecks and other payments come in. With your busy life, we know it can be hard to keep track of where things stand - and your checking balance can dip below zero. When that happens, our Oops (Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service) Protection kicks in, and we do all we can to address the situation.

  • Protect yourself against the embarrassment and hassle of stopped check payments
  • There's no fee for signing up for the Oops overdraft protection program
  • Oops Protection covers both personal and business checking accounts
  • When you overdraw your account, in most cases we will let your payment go through*
  • You will be charged a $33.95 fee, but will avoid merchant "bounced check" fees that are often larger
  • You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive balance within 24 hours

Important Information

  • Oops Protection covers transactions involving paper checks, teller withdrawals, recurring debit card payments, ACH electronic payments, Online BankingBill Pay and WOW! InfoLine.
  • It does not cover non-recurring debit card payments or ATM withdrawals. 
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*Paducah Bank is not obligated to cover any item presented for payment if your account does not contain sufficient collected and/or available funds. Furthermore, service charges assessed against a check or checks, or any other request for funds made upon your account, do not obligate us to pay said request for funds, nor do they obligate us to provide prior written notice of our decision to refuse payment.