Home Equity Line of Credit

It's like being able to write yourself a loan at a moment's notice.

Get money for repairs and purchases - and to add some spice to your life. 

Ready and waiting

Borrow at will

Tap into a pre-approved pool of money anytime for home remodeling or any other purpose.

It's really easy

Access funds through checks, Online and Mobile Banking and at Paducah Bank branches.  


You don't pay any interest at all until you actually use some of the money.

Money for life's serious matters - and for fun stuff, too

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can be a financial lifeline when appliances break down, the car's transmission acts up or you encounter a blizzard of unexpected bills. This easy-to-access loan fund can also be put to really positive use to pay for a summer vacation, a wedding celebration or a major purchase that gets the family excited. Just fill out the form below to get the ball rolling. And download our WOW Mortgage App for more convenience. 

  • Credit limit depends on the equity you have in your Kentucky home. (Equity is the current market value minus any outstanding mortgage balance.)
  • With one easy application, you can choose when to borrow money over a period of years
  • Pay interest only on the funds you've actually used
  • As you repay the credit line's principal, funds can be reused for other purposes
  • Friendly Paducah Bank lenders can explain all the advantages of a Home Equity Line of Credit

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Let us know if you have questions or you're ready to move forward. We'll be in touch with you soon! 

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