Helping you help others with personal, charitable and special needs trusts.

Giving a financial gift? Our trust advisors can help you fulfill your goals.

A trust can be an indispensable tool for crafting a sound estate plan, planning your own future and making sure your money is used for the greater good. Come talk to one one of the KY trust advisors at Paducah Bank for help developing a strategy that meets your objectives and limits tax implications.

Personal and Other Trusts

  • A Trust Under Will establishes beneficiary trusts upon your death so you control the amount and timing of distributions.
  • A Living Trust helps you avoid probate and protects your privacy. Terms are detailed in an agreement that defines how you want your finances managed during your lifetime and following your death.
  • A Wealth Protection Trust helps minimize the impact of estate taxes. Wealth Protection Trusts include Marital, Life Insurance and Qualified Domestic Trusts.
  • A Charitable Trust fulfills your philanthropic goal while providing you with significant tax benefits.

Special Needs Trust

  • For family members: A Special Needs Trust lets you save and invest money for someone who requires long-term or lifetime care. It ensures that your child or loved one has full access to any property intended to be held for his or her benefit.

Charitable Trusts

  • We can develop strategies that support the causes you care about.
  • Our advisors can work with you to educate and involve your family in your charitable endeavors.
  • We can reduce your tax burden while providing charities with significant benefits upon your death.
  • Paducah Bank administers the trust, making sure proper distributions are made and assets transferred smoothly upon the trust’s resolution.

Establishing a trust is almost always a team effort. At Paducah Bank, we'll work closely with your attorney and tax advisor, whether they're in Kentucky or elsewhere, to make sure your money does the most good. Contact us or reach out to one of our trust advisors to get started.

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