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VISA Checkout Enrollment

Visa Checkout

Making purchases online can be a hassle. It’s time consuming to type in your billing address, shipping address, and card details every time you make a purchase. Luckily, you can now streamline the entire process with Visa Checkout.

Just look for the Visa Checkout button when you shop on your favorite websites. Once you click the button, all you have to do is log in and confirm your payment. Visa Checkout saves all of your payment and shipping information, so there’s no need to waste time typing the information over and over again. Plus, Visa keeps all your account information safe and secure so you can relax as you shop.

All you have to do to begin using this fantastic new service is sign up and enter your Paducah Bank debit card information. Once you’ve set up your account, you can instantly start saving time and headache when you shop online on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.