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Internet Banking 1st Initial Login Process

Step 1: Signing In

Enter in your browser’s address box.  The Internet Banking Login box is located at the top right of the screen.  Enter your Username (it is the same and has not changed).  For enhanced security, the Login box only asks for your Username.  Passwords will be entered on a separate security page.
Internet Banking Login


Step 2: User Security

You will be asked for the “Security Code” provided by the bank.  This code is the Username entered above plus the last four digits of the Primary Accountholder’s Social Security Number (username5555).

Enter the


Step 3: Create a Login

Enter your login credentials. Your Username and password may remain the same. Please verify the e-mail address shown. If it is incorrect, please make a note to update the information once the login steps are complete.

Enter your login credentials.


Step 4: Security Questions and Answers

Select a security question from the three drop-down menus and type in your security answer in the box below each question. It is important to remember these answers as the system will periodically present one or all of these questions.

Select a security question and answer.


Step 5: Personal Greeting & Image

This step is new to Paducah Bank’s Internet Banking service.  Enter a Personal Greeting.  This Personal Greeting can be anything you choose, i.e. “Hello.”  Then select a Personal Image from the pictures provided.  These two features will assure you that the site you are entering your information into is your Personal Paducah Bank Internet Banking site.

Enter a Personal Greeting.


Step 6: Security Question

Now you are ready to login. Enter the answer to the question you selected earlier.  If this is a computer that you trust, i.e. home or work, select “Register this computer” so that the Internet Banking service will recognize this computer the next time you login. If this box is not selected, you will be prompted with a security question the next time you login.

Answer your security question to login.

Step 7: Enter Password

Each time you enter your Username on, you will be taken to a security page to review your Security Image and Security Phrase before you enter your password to login to the system.

Review your Security Image and Phrase before you enter your password.

You have completed the initial setup!