Smart Card: Reloadable Debit Card

This shopping companion helps you keep a cap on your spending.

It's a smart way to make sure you - or your teen - sticks to a budget. 

Load it up

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Submit your application for a reloadable debit card at one of Paducah Bank's branches.

Pick a number

Smart Cards can be loaded with pretty much any dollar value that you want.

It's fee-free

There's no funding fee, no overdraft fee* and no maintenance fee.**

Go shopping. Pay with your card. Refill it. Repeat. 

Give a card to your teen shopper. Or to your college student. Or take one on vacation so you don't overspend while having fun in the sun. The Smart Card from Paducah Bank is a reloadable debit and ATM card, meaning you - or your kids - can make quick purchases while sticking to a preset budget. And when the card reaches empty? It's easy enough to refill at bank branches in Kentucky, via Online or Mobile Banking or through direct deposit.

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* Returned item fees may apply.
** Withdrawal fee will apply for non-debit card transaction