US Dollar Wiring Instructions

When wiring US dollar funds transfers, the following information is required with each request: 


Intermediary  SWIFT Code:                                      FTBCUS3C


Intermediary  Bank:                                                    Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, OH


Beneficiary Name:                                                       Paducah Bank


Beneficiary Account Number:                                    99214163


Originator to Beneficiary Information:                      Paducah Bank's Customer Name and Account Number


EURO WIRING INSTRUCTIONS               When wiring Euro funds transfers the following information  is required with each request:


Intermediary  SWIFT Code:                                         DEUTDEFFXXX


Intermediary  Bank (IBK):                                            Deutsche Bank A.G Taunus-Zentrum Eschborn Postfach 5223

                                                                                          D-6236 Eschborn 1 Germany

Beneficiary Bank SWIFT:                                              FTBCUS3CXXX

Beneficiary Bank (BBK)  Name                                    Fifth Third Bank

Beneficiary Bank City, State:                                        Cincinnati, OH (USA)

IBAN:                                                                                 DE315007 0010  0958  4699  10


Beneficiary Name:                                                          Paducah Bank


Beneficiary Account #:                                                   99214163


Special Instructions:                                                     Paducah Bank's Customer Name and Account Number

When wiring funds transfers in a currency other than US Dollars or Euros, please contact  Paducah Bank for specific instructions. /MEMBER FDIC

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