If you misplace your debit card, we’re here to help! 

With a Paducah Bank Debit Card, it’s easy to prevent others from making purchases with your money.

A lost or stolen debit card can be scary. At Paducah Bank, we have the perfect tool to keep you calm. With just a click or two, our customers can turn "off" their cards through their mobile banking app or online banking. This gives you time to try to locate your card without any risk to your bank balance.

  • To deactivate your card using your smartphone, you'll need to download the latest Paducah Bank mobile app.
  • In online banking, find the link “Card Management” in the top-right corner that allows you to manage the off/on feature on your cards.
  • Use the same app or online link to turn your card back on.
  • Our Personal Bankers can see your card’s status and help you turn your card on or off if you need help.

Do you make pre-authorized electronic payments through your debit card? There's no need to worry. Those payments will go through as normal even if the card is turned off.

Don’t have our mobile banking app? No problem! If you experience a lost or stolen debit card, you can also visit one of our Paducah or Louisville, Kentucky branches, or contact us and we will help turn off your cards.

Mobile Banking

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