Play it safe and still come out way ahead.

It's a savings account that offers countless advantages.

At Paducah Bank, we understand that not everyone is interested in volatile investments. And that many of our customers in Kentucky are reluctant to commit their money for long periods. That's why our Money Market Accounts should be part of your portfolio. With this high yield savings account, you'll enjoy solid growth with no risk, as well as easy access to your savings.

  • Receive interest rates and returns exceeding our regular saving accounts.
  • Access money easily through checks
  • Enjoy pre-authorized transfer privileges
  • Track growth with a comprehensive monthly statement

Unlike some other investments, deposits in Money Market Accounts are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to the maximum amount allowed by law. In other words, the FDIC protects the money in your Money Market Account the same way it does in regular savings accounts.

Open a money market account at one of our Paducah or Louisville, Kentucky branches by scheduling an appointment.

Debt Consolidation

Put all your debt together in to one easier to manage monthly payment.