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Have a will? We can help carry out your wishes.

It's not the easiest topic to discuss, but an important one to address. It takes planning and expertise to make sure your family and other heirs benefit from the wealth you've built up over the years, and make certain your wishes are carried out. Paducah Bank offers the kind of professional, yet personal, guidance that can set your mind at ease.

  • When you choose Paducah Bank to be Executor of your Will, you can take comfort in knowing that your wishes will be handled with compassion and expertise.
  • As Executor, the first thing Paducah Bank will do upon your death is to make sure your Will is admitted to Probate.
  • We will then take all necessary steps to settle your estate. As executor, we will gather together your property; determine its value; calculate what you owe; pay all debts; and distribute what remains to your family or to others as you direct.
  • Paducah Bank is well-qualified to serve as Executor. We are always available, financially responsible, and impartial. We understand the personal considerations often needed in settling an estate; and, if required, we have access to a network of other professionals to assist.
  • Your Will may direct that a trust be created for a spouse, child, or other beneficiary. It is critical to choose the right trustee, as a trust might continue for decades.
  • The trustee may be an individual or a company, such as Paducah Bank.
  • As trustee, Paducah Bank provides professional investment management, experienced trust administration, and excellent reporting.

Successful financial estate planning requires you to envision a range of scenarios to make sure you are prepared for the day your estate must work on your behalf. At the same time, you want to concentrate on living well today. The good news is the right insurance coverage <Links to Insurance page> lets you imagine greater goals for your estate. You can enjoy life while knowing you will provide for the people you leave behind.

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