Get closer to Main Street and save a lot of money!

Many buyers can benefit from our no down payment loans.

There are a lot of good reasons to live in or close to the city! You can cut down your commute, live just minutes away from nice shops and a lively arts community, and take advantage of some truly attractive housing deals. At Paducah Bank, we're happy to offer a great home loan that pumps up the pride in our hometown!

  • 100% financing of the home purchase price or appraisal, for qualifying borrowers
  • Property must be in City of Paducah or McCracken County
  • Maximum purchase price is $90,000
  • Household income limit is $38,240
  • Adjustable rate mortgage with rate fixed for first 7 years and then changing every five years

WOW! Perks with Interest Checking

Gain greater rewards and earn interest on your deposited money.