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Q. How do I enroll?
A. You can Self-Enroll thru our Paducah Bank Website or visit your closest branch to fill out an application.

Q. Why aren’t all my accounts showing?
A. If you have accounts that are not linked please call 270-575-5700 to get those added to your online banking account.

Q. My security questions aren’t ones I set up.
A. More than likely your account has gone dormant; please contact us at 270-575-5700.

Q. Can I do online banking from my mobile device?
A. Yes, will just download the Paducah Bank WOW! App to do your banking.

Q. Can I do Bill Pay from the Mobile App?
A. Yes! You have many capabilities in the app including bill pay, transfers, and payments.

Q. My Bill Pay says it has been processed but it has not come out of my account.
A. Some bill payments are sent to payees by check instead of electronically. In that case it will not post to your account until the check is received and processed by the payee.

Q. Can I use multiple devices for logging in?
A. Yes! As long as you have downloaded the app on each device you may log in on any of them.

Q. What do I do if I have lost/replaced my mobile device?
A. Your information is not stored in your phone; unless someone has your log in credentials your information is safe. If you get a new device then you will just need to download the app and log in using your online banking credentials.

Q. Can I set up alerts?
A. There are many default alerts you can turn on and custom alerts you can set up for email or text.

Q: Who can I call with questions about opening a new account ?
A:You can call one of our dedicated WOW! Bankers at 270.575.5700.
Q: Must I have a trust to use your investment services?
A: Many of our clients choose trusts because of the unique advantages they offer. But you are not required to create a trust. If you prefer, you can put us to work on a less formal basis. With a letter of instruction, designating us to act as your investment agent

Q: What are the advantages of a trust?
A: With a trust you can not only draw on our broad investment capabilities but also arrange to have us perform any number of special services, now or in the future. These personalized services could range from making payments of estimated taxes while you are traveling abroad to providing full personal financial management in the event you suffer an incapacitating illness.

Also, you can name one or more beneficiaries to receive the assets of your trust at your death. Such arrangements avoid probate. Or, you can have your trust continue beyond your lifetime, serving as a source of continuing income and support for your spouse, a child or others whom you designate.

Q: Is it difficult to set up a trust?
A. Not at all. To make us your trustee you must take two steps. First, you give us written instructions in the form of a trust agreement. This agreement, which is usually drafted by an attorney, is signed by you (creator of the trust) and by us (as trustee). Then you deliver the money and/or securities you wish to place in the trust to us.


Q: If I create a trust, can I keep control?
A: Certainly. Usually our trust clients keep control in three ways:

  1. The trust agreement specifies that the creator may make withdrawals (or additions) at any time.
  2. The creator may reserve the right to cancel the trust.
  3. Theator may reserve the right to give us new or different instructions by amending the trust agreement.

Q: Can I make the investment decisions?
A: If you wish. Most of our clients look to us for objective, unbiased portfolio supervision because they lack the time or specialized knowledge to do all the necessary investment homework themselves. But you can delegate as much or as little investment responsibility as you want. After all, it is your trust.

For example, you might spell out your goals and requirements in some detail, then leave the selection of specific investments to us as trustee.

Or you might start out by asking us to submit each proposed investment change for your approval until you are satisfied that we are interpreting your requirements accurately.

Or you might ask us to submit recommendations while also researching some opportunities on your own.

Q: Is trust service expensive?
A: No. Our fees are competitive with those charged by investment advisory firms (for services that may not include custodianship of securities, record-keeping and other conveniences) or by mutual funds.

Q: How big must a trust fund be?
A: If you think of millions of dollars when you hear the word “trust,” you are operating under a widespread misconception. At Paducah Bank we have the ability to handle even relatively small trusts efficiently. In any case, we do not think in terms of fixed minimums. Instead we ask ourselves, “Is a trust the best way to meet this person’s financial management needs?”

To find out whether a trust would be right for you, schedule an exploratory talk with a trust officer.

Q: How much of a return will I get on my money?
A: That depends on your goals—current income, long-term growth to offset inflation, or some balance of the two—and on ever changing investment conditions.

Historically, diversified portfolios of good-quality stocks have produced a total annual return (dividends plus growth in principal value) averaging around 10%. Bonds have produced somewhat lower returns overall, but they offer a higher level of current income than stocks.

As trustee our goal is to provide reasonably consistent returns over the years. We emphasize careful asset allocation, the selection of quality investments and constant vigilance.

Q: Are trust funds insured by the FDIC?
A: Primarily, trust funds are invested in stocks, bonds or other income producing assets. These trust investments are not bank deposits. Securities and other assets administered by a bank as trustee are held separate from the bank’s own assets, under strict audit controls and cannot be reached by the bank’s creditors.

Q: How can I find out more about trusts?
A: The trust and investment professionals at Paducah Bank and Trust Company will be glad to assemble further information for you, analyze your investment requirements and answer questions not covered here. Please call us at 270.575.6627 for more information.

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