Paducah Bank Named One of America's Strongest Banks

Paducah Bank Named One of America’s Strongest Banks

Paducah, Kentucky - March 2024: BauerFinancial, Inc., the Nation’s Premier Bank Rating Firm, is pleased to announce that Paducah Bank has earned its highest, 5-Star Superior rating for financial strength and stability for the 59th consecutive quarter. Having maintained its financial strength and stability for over a decade, Paducah Bank has also earned another designation as an “Exceptional Performance Bank”. Only banks that have earned and maintained this highest 5-Star rating for ten years (40 consecutive quarters), or longer, may claim this distinction. This latest rating was assigned in March 2024 based on December 31, 2023 financial data and signifies that Paducah Bank continues to be one of the strongest banks in the nation

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that there are still banks, like Paducah Bank, that continue to provide a sense of security in this insecure world,” said Karen Dorway, President of BauerFinancial. “Friends and neighbors of Paducah Bank and Trust probably already know this. They have the privilege of having a true community bank that sticks to common-sense banking values, right in their community. It’s important to let those who might not be aware, know that they have the strength of a 5-Star bank right in their midst. Since its inception in 1948, Paducah Bank has been a dedicated anchor to this community. With a solid track record behind it, Paducah Bank has displayed the strength and fortitude to continue forward in the same heedful manner that it has for the past 76 years.”

“I'm proud that Paducah Bank is not just as one of the nation's safest banks, but as a cornerstone of stability and trust in Paducah and Louisville, said Paducah Bank President and CEO Mardie Herndon. “For more than 76 years, our commitment to prudent, customer-focused banking has set us apart. In today's world, where the financial landscape can seem uncertain, knowing where you bank matters more than ever. Paducah Bank's consistent 5-Star rating by BauerFinancial underscores our enduring dedication to financial strength and innovation. We invite everyone to learn more about the significance of banking with a leader in safety and soundness, and how we continue to pave the way for a secure financial future for all our customers. You can learn more about your bank by checking here:”