PIN Change Process for Your Digital Banking Users

Clients can change debit card PIN.
1.   From the Manage Cards tab, select the card to edit and select Change PIN.
Manage Cards Tab
2.   The Change Card PIN window will display. Enter a new 4-digit numeric PIN, then re-enter the PIN in the designated boxes.
3.   When a valid PIN is entered, the Change PIN button will turn green. Select this button to apply the new PIN.

Card Pin Change
Card PIN Change Alert Process for Your Digital Banking Users
In addition to the email notification, users can also set up a security alert that will notify them each time a PIN Change occurs on their account.

1.   Select Security from the New Alert window.
Select security from new alert window

2.   Select Card PIN Change from Alert Types.

Card Pin Change

3. Select the method and device/email address.

New Security Alert
4. Select Create.
5. A notification will be sent via the method selected any time the PIN is changed on the