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WOW! Wagon Request Form

Is there any more quintessential dessert in America than that of ice cream? We don’t think so. And it’s proven time and time again when Paducah Bank pulls up to schools, events, and special projects in and around our hometown in our very cool WOW Wagon with our very cool sweet treats.

With hands outstretched and voices at fever-pitch, everyone from pre-schoolers to post graduates can’t help but be excited about the delivery of a yummy ice cream treat, on a stick or in a cone, topped with nuts or glazed with chocolate.

If you would like to invite our WOW Wagon to an event you’re planning, just scream for some ice cream by filling out the form below.

In order to have the WOW! Wagon make an appearance at your event, the group making the request must have a relationship with the bank (not someone who is a member or somehow associated with the group). If you aren’t a customer, we would love to welcome you into the Paducah Bank family! Thanks!

WOW! Wagon Request Form

The Wow! Wagon is staffed completely by Paducah Bank volunteers. Evening and weekend visits may be limited by the availability of volunteers.

  • The WOW! Wagon season is April 15 – September 30.

  • Paducah Bank employees volunteer to take truck out on evenings and weekends and so the shorter the visit the more likely we can accommodate your request.

    We ask that requests remain under 2 hours long.


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