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The Today Show on NBC recently aired a segment from 1994 of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble trying to figure out what the @ sign was in an Internet address. Actually they were trying to figure out exactly what the Internet was. Messages being sent through the air from one computer to another? Fantastical! And we all know how that trend turned out. Today’s “passing trend” is tomorrow’s staple of telecommunications. You Tube has become just such a phenomenon in the world of online video consumption. And now you can find Paducah Bank videos on this world-wide site for video uploads!
If you weren’t able to attend the Paducah Bank summer concert, you can catch some of it online. There’s a tutoring video for the bank’s new MyTeller application. Enjoy your favorite Paducah Bank television commercials on You Tube. Catch parts of a United Way workday as Paducah Bank volunteers help out around the community. Or share in some celebrations as Paducah Bank announces winners of various contests and give-aways!
The online video industry is growing rapidly. The marketing research company comScore reported that in August 2010, 178 million Internet users in the United States watched online video. According to ClickZ, Internet users between the ages of 18 and 34 now spend almost 25 percent of their video viewing time online. And You Tube is a large part of that growing video viewing choice.

What is YouTube?
You Tube is a free video hosting and sharing platform that was created and launched in 2005. In 2006, You Tube was purchased by Google for the small fortune of $1.65 billion. It is now the world’s second largest search engine. In addition to being able to host and upload videos to You Tube, users are able to rate videos, leave comments, and subscribe to their favorite YouTube channels. (We’re pretty sure you’ll want to make Paducah Bank one of your YouTube favorites!)

Consumers today are busier than ever. They expect information to be readily available at any place and any time they want it. Relevance and immediacy are characteristics of 21st century communications that companies and businesses are utilizing in increasingly imaginative ways. We know that you are looking for outlets where you can get current information at the touch of a computer key and totally at your disposal anytime day or night.
We know that our customers want genuine information from a reliable source. So Paducah Bank now offers you continuously updated video uploads at our Paducah Bank YouTube channel. Tune in anytime! And make us a favorite stop in your Internet search!