WOW! With Ownership Comes Commitment

Knowing our customers . . . anticipating their needs . . . creating products and services based on their specific preferences . . . and delivering them in a user-friendly and efficient manner is how we express our owners’ commitment to our customers every day. We are not just employees of Paducah Bank—we are the owners as well!

Each month we conduct hundreds of interviews with our existing customers, those opening new accounts, or those securing personal or commercial loans. We find out what our customers want in the way of products and services and how we can best deliver them.

Paducah Bank employees are the bank’s largest group of owners. And that is one of the secrets to our success. Our success does not come from stringent corporate standards or forceful upper management. It’s a result of the dedication of every teller, every loan officer, and every person who is a part of the Paducah Bank family.

Since 1948, the employees of Paducah Bank have been expressing their devotion to this bank with an unparalleled desire to meet both the expressed and the unexpressed needs of the people they serve.

Expect the Unexpected

A customer who regularly makes deposits for her employer called on a Friday afternoon. She was trying to track down her own checking account deposit which was meant for another bank in the community. She was afraid she had left her personal deposit in the bank bag with the business deposit. To her relief, she was told that a Paducah Bank employee had taken her deposit to the other institution for her. There was a “sticky note” in the bank bag that said, “Please deposit.” So the teller who found the note made the trip to another bank and made the customer’s deposit.

Doing more than is expected is the way Paducah Bank expresses its loyalty to customers, or in this case, potential customers!