The Word for 2016 is Legacy

dr jonesIt’s a personal choice, a long-standing commitment to the practice of medicine, and a belief in a wellspring of compassion.

Each year, Dr. Evelyn Montgomery Jones, dermatologist, chooses a one-word theme to serve as her guide throughout the entire year. The word resonates with intent as Dr. Jones activates it to guide decisions and reinforce purpose with her staff at Wellsprings Dermatology and The SkinCare Corner. These words keep them ever mindful of their impact in regard to family and community, says Dr. Jones. This year’s word is “legacy.”

“Skin is the largest and fastest growing human organ, and skin cancer is now rated the number one cancer in the United States,” explains Dr. Jones. “So, we take a comprehensive approach to overall healthy, beautiful skin.” That’s what founded the winning combination of Wellsprings Dermatology and The SkinCare Corner, allowing for delivery of physician-strength products to combat both damage and aging of the skin. These products and techniques also enhance the skin’s ability to heal and decrease the risk of skin cancer.

Dr. Jones drew on her passion to educate on health and beauty for the mission statement she crafted. “Our mission is to educate and encourage others towards excellence in wellness and beauty in their lives for the glory of God, thereby equipping and empowering them to impact others.”

In 1993, Dr. Jones and her husband, Dr. Shawn Jones, ENTotolaryngologist, along with their children, Rebecca, Shawn Curtis, and Caleb, moved from Louisville back to her hometown of Paducah. Dr. Jones’ roots are deep in Paducah. Her father, Dr. Wally Montgomery, practiced medicine in western Kentucky for many years and her mother, Gerry Montgomery, was an educator and served as Paducah’s mayor.

Reflecting on the move, she explains, “We loved Louisville, but we wanted a slower pace and more community involvement. Here, we have found a better place to be more aware and connected to the rest of the community.”

Helping make her legacy of education and encouragement towards excellence in beauty and health a reality is Paducah Bank with their own legacy of professionalism and personal service. When she had the vision to build the beautiful, state-of-the-art facility housing her practice at 2721 West Park Drive, her private bankers, Jimmie Sizemore and Meghan Knox, were with her every step of the way.

“Jimmie and Meghan were there for me professionally and personally,” says Dr. Jones. “They were involved in every step of the construction project, from looking at the land and accessing the building site, to groundbreaking, and through construction. They gave me their personal cell phone numbers and told me to call any time, including weekends. They were always available and asking if there was anything they could take care of or if there was anything they could do. Jimmie and Meghan proved the whole personal banker concept is very real at Paducah Bank.”