Wheels on the Bank’s Bus Go Roung, Round, Round!

Most businesses like to be in the black. Paducah Bank likes being in the . . . pink?

Well at least for the time being, perhaps. A pink “wrap”on all sides of one of the Paducah Area Transit’s (PATS) buses communicates the bank’s offer of free gifts and free checking and can be seen wheeling around town.

“The color will probably change from time to time,” says Wally Bateman, President of Paducah Bank. “With the advent of on- demand TV and DVRs, marketing and advertising are becoming more challenging. When we were approached by Gary Kitchin about this possibility, I thought it was an interesting option. It’s like a moving billboard, and it’s actually more cost effective than a static out- door board. The PATS managers tell me that, given their variety of routes, the bus is seen about 3,000,000 times a month.”
On the first day the bus was making its daily rounds, a woman stopped by the bank’s Mid-City branch and asked to open a new checking account because she had seen the bus. “We’ve had numerous people tell us they like the idea,” Wally adds.

The bank has committed to a year-long contract with PATS to utilize the bus to send their message out and about. “We’ll probably extend that commitment if we think it’s getting results,” Wally believes. “We all believe that banking is a serious business, but we also believe it’s okay to have a little fun and occasionally market outside the box. Our fleet of PT Cruisers was our first initiation into the area of ‘fleet marketing.’ We think they’ve been very positive, and we think this opportunity will prove to give us high visibility as well.”

The cooperation is a win-win situation for both the bank and the community’s transit organization. “We’re big supporters of PATS, and we’re very proud of the improvements they have made to their headquarters in Lower Town,” Wally adds. “So it’s a real pleasure to advertise with a firm that leaves its profits in Paducah.”