We’ve been “Expressing” Ourselves Since 2003

We've been "expressing" ourselves since 2003

In the summer of 2003, Paducah Bank introduced a new way of communicating with its many friends and neighbors in and around the community it serves. It was called Expressions!, and the first cover featured Midwest Aviation with Express Bankers Cristy Poindexter and Janis Phillips delivering bank documents to Frank Shelton. Joe Framptom was shown accepting the Paducah Chamber Business of the Year Award wrapped in his trusty trench coat and flanked by Suzanne Farmer in her fur-lined parka. (You may recall that memorable Chamber annual dinner in the tent?!)

There was a feature welcoming George Shaw and Wendy Kester as investment advisors. Maurie McGarvey presented a check to the United Way for $40,000, the bank’s support of the Artist Relocation Program was highlighted, and the bank’s fleet of PT Express Banker Cruisers was introduced.

And so it began. The magazine has morphed into WOW! and has grown considerably in a host of ways. For one thing, it’s now physically bigger. From its humble infancy as an 8.5 x 8.5, 32-page publication to its now imposing presence as a 9×12, 56-page magazine, this story of Paducah Bank, and the many people who make it great, has evolved in both size and impact.

The one constant, after eight years and 20 editions, is the hundreds of people being featured on the pages of WOW! Then, as now, the bank has been devoted to lifting up the people of Paducah who, individually and as a whole, have created a way of life that is worthy of note. WOW! makes it a consistent goal to take note of THEM.

“We worked on a brochure or profile document we could use to promote the bank,” recalls Wally Bateman, President of Paducah Bank. “It was difficult to put into words, and into a small format, all the many facets of the bank’s ‘personality.’ We finally decided to do a periodical so that we could continuously tell the story as well as highlight the many people, both staff and customers, who come together to make this bank such a unique institution.”

The result is almost 1,000 pages of prose we can be proud of, memories we can look back on, and people we have known and hold in high regard.

“The magazine is such a wonderful historical reference for us now,” says Susan Guess, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “It’s so much fun to flip back through the pages of all the many issues and remember how nice it has been to get to know so many people in new and interesting ways. Our magazine not only represents Paducah Bank, it honors the great community we all proudly call our hometown.”