We’re Putting Our Money Where Our Philosophy Is!

Euripides may have been a bit dire in his prediction of the woes of a lack of learning in 406 B.C., but the philosophy is certainly no less sound in the centuries that have followed.

“Fostering the continuing education of young people, as well as non-traditional students, is a philosophy we at Paducah Bank are committed to,” commented Joe Framptom, CEO of Paducah Bank. “So we’re putting our money where our philosophy is. We’re establishing The Paducah Bank and Trust Company Scholarship for deserving students who graduate from West Kentucky Community and Technical College and wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Murray State University. Not only does this provide a means for many diligent students to achieve their educational goals, we see it as an investment in the future of our community and our region as we enhance the abilities of those who, we hope, may choose to pursue their careers here in the future.”

The Paducah Bank and Trust Company Scholarship will be initiated this year; the first recipient will be chosen by the MSU Foundation Scholarship Committee next spring. The scholarship will be funded in the amount of $1,500 each year. There will be one recipient of the scholarship in 2006, two the following year, three the third year, etc., until five students are awarded financial aid in the fifth year and each year thereafter.

“It’s gratifying that Paducah Bank has captured the philanthropic spirit that we want to promote at Murray State University,” said J. Mark Hutchins, Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement. “This is much more than an investment in the university; this is an investment in the people of this region. We appreciate the bank’s commitment to these scholarships and look forward to building the family of Paducah Bank Scholars.”

Murray State University will provide further information about applying for The Paducah Bank and Trust Company Scholarship in the near future. “There are few things we can do in the community that bring greater reward than that of watch- ing individuals challenge themselves to learn and grow and reach their ultimate potential,” Joe added. As philosophers of old often spoke: “Through education, we honor the past and prepare for the future.”