We Have You Covered

When you swing by any of our newly renovated ATMs, we have you covered with our new colorful canopies and our new operational system that will help you retrieve your cash quickly, safely, and conveniently.

It’s no less than you’ve come to expect from Paducah Bank . . . the best! “In order to provide our customers with the kind of quality service they know they will get from Paducah Bank, we have recently replaced our ATM fleet with the newest ATMs available,” says Bill Clayton, Information Technology Manager.

The new drive-up sites are even more outstanding (or make that standing out) than ever with our new blue canopies which mark each convenient location and also provide weather protection for our valued customers. It’s now even easier to pinpoint that Paducah Bank ATM and make a quick get-away with a cash withdrawal. everywhere I need them to be to make a fast transaction!”

What else is new? Each new ATM is fitted with a 15-inch anti-glare screen that is capable of full color video. “Our new ATMs also utilize the latest in telecommunications to provide up to 50% faster service,” Clayton adds. So you probably won’t have time to watch the video. You’ll be in and out of that ATM faster than you can say, “Thanks, Paducah Bank!”
“We’re proud of being such a vital part of each area in our community,” Clayton comments. “Paducah Bank’s investment in our new ATM network shows our commitment to our customers. We always want to provide the highest quality of service with the highest level of convenience.”

Swing by a new ATM ASAP and see for yourself!