Walt Tyler is a Torch Bearer

waltTylerFor Both Paducah and Paducah Bank

WALT TYLER IS A DOER. Most of us would just love to have an iota of his go-getter attitude. So it’s no surprise that Walt chooses to work with a bank that has the same philosophy.

Walt’s latest venture is Paducah based Dynatorch, makers of sophisticated motion-control plasma and flame cutters. Walt, a “retiree” from New York City, has nearly done it all.

“I started out as a pilot in Vietnam,” says Walt. “After that, I settled in as an engineer for the phone company in New York. But it wasn’t long before I felt like living elsewhere.” Walt, who had developed a close friendship with Paducah’s Don Farrington, says that Paducah was a natural choice when it came time to leave the Big Apple.

“I was working some as a test pilot and even created my own aircraft. I had a machine shop in New York and built aircraft parts. So I’d been traveling to Paducah for over twenty years to see Don. When I had the opportunity to retire early from the phone company, moving to Paducah was very natural. I can be just as successful here as anywhere else.”

Walt then started a new venture as an engineering supervisor at CSI. While there, however, he developed optic neuropathy, a condition that occurs when the optic nerves are damaged due to a change in the nerve’s blood supply. The condition left Walt blind, but not discouraged.

waltTyler2After eight years at CSI, Walt was once again on to new horizons. “I wasn’t going to do nothing,” Walt says matter-offactly. “I wanted to do something.” Never considering his blindness a handicap, Walt began designing landscaping materials. “I needed an automated cutting system for metals,” Walt says, “and I was not happy with what was out there! The landscaping plans soon took a backseat as I developed my own ideas for plasma and flame cutters.”

Walt began work in his garage immediately (sounds like other familiar success stories, doesn’t it?). Walt developed cutters that were computer software controlled and could be used in fabrication for assembly lines or even as a tool for artists whose medium is metal. But it wasn’t long before he realized the demand for his product outweighed what he could produce in the garage.

“We rented a building on Bridge Street as we added more employees and production capabilities.” But after a very short time in the new location, Walt found himself cramped again. As orders and inquiries began pouring in from worldwide locations, Walt knew he had to expand yet again. “We were crawling over our own equipment just to get to stuff. We were filling orders for customers in Paducah, Asia, South Africa and beyond, and we couldn’t grow for simple reasons like having only one bathroom!” Walt needed a location and resources that allowed him to breathe.

That’s when he turned to his friend at Paducah Bank, Tom Clayton. “I went to Tom and shared with him what we wanted to accomplish. Our business had been doubling every year, and I needed room to grow.”

Working with Tom, Walt purchased property along Starnes Drive and started construction on their new production facility. “Here, we have the space to grow. If we need to add on or need more property in the future, it’s there. We couldn’t have done it without Paducah Bank and certainly not without Tom. He is very knowledgeable and a superb advisor. He made our business possible!”

And now Walt can concentrate on getting his orders complete and developing newer and better tools. “Just today I talked to customers in Turkey and Anchorage, Alaska,” adds Walt. “I told you, anything you want to do can be done right here in Paducah!”

For more information on Dynatorch, visit dynatorch.com.