Tomorrow’s Paducah Professionals

“We believe one of the most important missions of our community, and Paducah Bank as a part of that community, is to encourage the professional development of our young college graduates so they will strongly consider coming back home to live and work,” says Joe Framptom, Chairman and CEO.

In order to give college students students who were home and working insight into the benefits of living and working in Paducah, the bank hosted  a special event in August called Paducah Bank Summer Session.

“The idea was to connect local college students who were home and working in Paducah for the summer with local professionals and their peers to build a the network of community people with similar

career goals,” adds Susan Guess, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We think the best way to share the many features of our great community, from a professional and personal standpoint, is to bring people together so they can talk about their unique perspectives.  Our hope would be that every college student who came home to Paducah and worked during the summer would consider making this their permanent career site when they graduate.”