Todd and Laura Duff

Do you take this couple to be your partners in financial planning?

Laura_ringsTodd and Laura Duff believe that a good marriage is good business and that means having a good financial planner!



Laura Duff adds an upscale catering experience to the ambiance of Kirchhoff’s.

LauraPAMPERED PALATE OWNER and Registered Dietician Laura Duff knows that food transcends the need to feed one’s body. It is an experience.

A Pampered Palate at Kirchhoff ’s simply sizzles when it comes to high-end catering featuring homemade fare. And Laura’s desire to provide every client with a unique affair also sets her apart.

“I am always reading two to three new cookbooks at any given time,” says Laura. “I believe in continuing to grow in my profession. Reading and taking time to cook dinner for my family and friends are essential to this process.

I also believe in educating others. It is important to me to help educate my community about food, entertaining, nutrition and hospitality. I am a self proclaimed foodie!”

The end result is a Paducah business that rivals anything Wolfgang Puck could put together! “My philosophy is to make my events memorable by invoking a food experience. Whether it is the artisan Sturminister cheese a guest begins dinner with or the homemade chocolate truffles the dinner ends with, I want my clients to have a food experience.”

An unforgettable experience is what every client gets. Laura combines her scientific knowledge of food with her passion for fun while catering dinner parties and events. Teaming up with Kirchhoff ’s Bakery has provided Laura with the strength needed to whip up a new level of excitement in the catering world.

“As a caterer it is a luxury to get to work with an artisan bakery. It allows for all of the foods I use to be homemade including crackers, breads and desserts. Additionally, I have the support of a supreme, creative team to work with.”

Her current goal is to make Kirchhoff ’s a premiere destination for catered events. “We can provide seating for fine dining for up to 100. And the best part is you can enjoy your experience in beautiful and historic downtown Paducah.” But the biggest advantage Laura has when it comes to creating culinary masterpieces is her penchant for fun and excitement.

“Quite simply, I LOVE my job!”



Todd Duff tricks you into thinking Web work can be fun!

toddMAYBE IT’S THE VINTAGE pinball machines and Ms. Pac-Man arcade game that makes the environment at IVS feel relaxed and friendly. But in reality, these are simply a sign of owner Todd Duff ’s easy-going and fun-loving attitude.

“Creating a work environment that is open and creative is important to me,” says Todd. “There are no cubicles or partitioned walls that confine my staff or their thoughts. The games and commercial grade espresso bar have proven to be a team building experience and tons of fun.”

And that team-building attitude is not just for his staff. Todd’s infectious attitude of fun builds bridges to each of his clients. Founded by Todd (who is also a consummate magician) in the late 90’s, IVS started with a handful of Fortune 500 clients and a desire to help them develop effective and unique websites.

“We specialized in creating services and products that could not be constructed within the e-client’s company. Animation and technical illustration were our major services. Soon, we began to realize that our products and services were not a ‘from start to finish’ package. The contacts we had made during our early years were more than just names on a list; they were relationships. This same practice holds true today.”

And now IVS helps national and local clients from their Broadway office in downtown Paducah. “We specialize in turnkey website development,” adds Todd. “This means that we take care of every component that is required of a successful presence on the Web. We try to exceed beyond ‘just building sites that put a business message online.’ We actually sit down with the client and spend as much time as required to analyze the business model and how it relates to the Internet. This strategy creates effective returns for the client.”

In Todd’s business, relationships are the key. “Technology is just a work related tool that allows us to create solutions for clients. And in the end, that’s what it is all about; creating relationships with clients and helping them solve problems.”

Creating Relationships


Did he say creating relationships? We asked Todd and Laura to give us their unique perspective on their financial relationship with their Paducah Bank investment consultant, KEITH JENNINGS.


“Keith has always been more than just an advisor for mutual funds and CDs. Just like an attorney or an accountant, he is one of my primary business consultants. I seek Keith’s advice on a regular basis. He is my first phone call in regards to my business financials or our financial risk assessment as a couple. Keith is not only a financial motivator; he is a business motivator as well. Even though he is young, his experience shines brightly. This is largely due to the extensive list of entrepreneurs that he deals with. Keith has an excellent way of seeing the whole picture as it relates to personal and business finances. What impresses me most is the emphasis that he places on education. He always encourages us to learn more about investments and ask questions. Most of all, however, he sincerely cares about our individual needs.”

Laura_headshot“Keith is our cheerleader so to speak. When we take time out to visit with him, he gives us positive reinforcement about the short-term and long-term goals we are working toward. I always leave his office refreshed and excited. Todd and I always meet with Keith together, and I’m impressed that he is able to see the perspective of both sexes and create combined goals that address both of our concerns. He is an excellent communicator, and he’s knowledgeable in all avenues of wealth building: real estate, investments, and small business. He is able to relate to our age and the sacrifices made in order to be successful in our financial planning.”