Mercy Regional EMS responds to the emergency needs of our community. Paducah Bank responds to the company’s growing financial needs. ems group color

Jamey Locke is in the business of saving lives.

Jamey’s life-saving skills are carried out every day as executive director of the only emergency medical transportation company in McCracken County, Mercy Regional EMS.

In 1999, Mercy Regional EMS operated out of an approximately 5,000 square foot building. That year the company added a second emergency response station in the eastern part of the county to better serve the total community. In 2005, Mercy Regional moved into a new, larger headquarters, providing the response teams a more accommodating space to work through the demands of long shifts on call.

Just last year Mercy Regional EMS added two more response stations: one in Lone Oak and one in downtown Paducah. Now the company has grown about five times its previous size with more than 25,000 square feet of owned and leased properties.

Locke said Paducah Bank has played an important role in achieving the company’s continued growth. He adds that Tom Clayton has been the man behind the money and the advice at Paducah Bank. And for that he is sincerely grateful.

“Tom has always been there for us: to make himself available, to make Paducah Bank available, to help grow emergency medical health care in Paducah-McCracken County,” Locke said. “And we very much appreciate the bank’s belief in our company and Tom’s expertise in leading us through the financial steps we needed to take to reach this level of growth.”

Without the bank’s help, Locke said the extent of emergency health care in McCracken County would be lacking. Paducah Bank’s support and partnership has allowed Mercy Regional EMS to grow and serve more of the county more quickly, ensuring the safety of Paducah-McCracken County residents.

In fact, with the growth the company has experienced in the past 15 years, Mercy Regional EMS is able to respond to more than 90 percent of requests for emergency service within just eight minutes. As executive director, Locke has not stopped looking for ways to better serve the community in the future, something he would not be able to do without Paducah Bank’s help.

“Paducah Bank placed us in a position to be a visionary organization working toward the future, building toward the future and creating the next generation of emergency medical health care for our community.”