Tina’s Random Act of Kindness

Wow! This random act of kindness made everyone proud to be a part of Paducah Bank

Tina Tisdal stopped in a local convenience store on her way home from work. In front of her was a woman with three young children and obviously having a very bad day. “I really didn’t know there was more to the story. I just noticed that this young mother was having a bad time. Just as everyone else, I have had bad days. What a difference a simple smile made to me, or a friend’s caring words. Something in her eyes told me that she might be at a breaking point, so helping her out just seemed the right thing to do,” Tina recalls.
Tina paid for the woman’s items and helped her and her three small children to her car.

A few months later, the bank received an anonymous letter from the woman. Since the bank did not know who had stepped up to help this customer, the letter was read aloud at an employee meeting.
“The night of the meeting, I was totally overwhelmed,” Tina says. “As the letter was being read I thought it sounded vaguely familiar. The more I heard, the more familiar it seemed. I was in tears by the end. When Maurie McGarvey, the bank’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources hugged me, all I could say was, ‘I didn’t know.’”

Tina is the kind of person who would always reach out to some.one in need, but she also credits the bank’s corporate culture for creating a workplace that fosters such random acts of kindness.
“Paducah Bank is such a unique and wonderful place to work,” she adds. “They have always encouraged each of us to look for ways to ‘wow’ our customers. This seemed like the perfect time to show someone that the bank appreciated her as a customer and a person.”