This Bottleneck Is One You Won’t Want to Miss

Mud puddles are made of it. Faucets flow with it. Waterfalls just would not be the same without it. And every human being must have it for life! It’s WATER!

BottleneckAnd it is now available from your friends and suppliers at Paducah Bank, no less. It is a new product offering . . . in a bottle. It is Express20!

“We thought it would be great to have a give-away item available for some of the charitable organizations in the community,” said Susan Guess, marketing director at Paducah Bank. “We plan to donate most of the water to community groups for events throughout the year. We also plan to have it available along with our Nutty Buddies during Ice Cream Fridays. And, we may use it at other times during the year for bank promotions.”

The bank is also making plans to add a “private label” hot sauce and a fortune cookie to their “menu” of bank products.

“It is something we can have fun with, it helps local groups and charities, and it is a way for people to remember us,” Susan added. “Sometimes all banks seem pretty much the same. We know we’re different. And we’re always looking for ways to better ‘express’ our personality.”

Can you drink all that in? Well, Paducah Bank will make it easy with its new bottles of Express20. Invest in a CD, open a checking account, take out a loan, open a trust or investment account, and quench your thirst at Paducah’s one and only The Paducah Bank and Trust Company!