They’re Not Playing

Donna Davis, and her lively lending team, plays a major role in developing successful financing strategies for Paducah Bank’s mortgage customers.


No matter what size the house or what you plan to do in it, (we’re referencing the playhouse here of course) Donna Davis and her team of professional loan officers can help you raise the roof! She has the go-getter style of your favorite real-estate agent with the military precision of a combat leader or the strategic play-making of a football coach. Objective? To see you through the tangle of financial details that, with some banks, can be a morass of paperwork and problems. At Paducah Bank, it’s as easy as signing your name. With Donna and her team, it’s a done deal.

In a recent year, Donna and her supportive staff closed 470 loans for a total of more than 61 million dollars. Donna calls herself an outgoing, friendly, multi-tasker. Her results depict her as a master sergeant of mortgage financing. “I especially love financing a couple’s first home, and it’s really gratifying to help someone save money when they’re seeking the best mortgage package for their new purchase,” Donna says.

Simplifying the process is a serious goal for the platoon of Paducah Bank mortgage lenders. “I really believe we are the quickest, most efficient, and most communicative lender in our market,” Donna boldly asserts. “Our customers never have to guess where they are in the process or what will happen next. And that’s primarily because we have such a great team. We have a wonderful group. We communicate well. We all enjoy working together. We keep it simple and fun as much as possible.”

Donna admits that the bank’s genuine concern for its customers and community is at the heart of everything they do. “We truly want what is best for all involved and for the betterment of our community,” she says. Her own personal civic-mindedness is exhibited by her involvement with the United Way board and the current fund-raising campaign. “As the saying goes, no man is an island. Having come from the Orlando area, a more metropolitan market, it’s so fulfilling to see my employer and my peers serving in so many capacities in this community and giving back so much to their friends and neighbors.”

And as altruistic as Donna definitely is, winning is still a big part of her game plan. “I love Pittsburgh Steelers football. In fact, I’m obsessed with it,” she admits. When we asked what she finds most gratifying in her spare time she responded, “When the Steelers win.” When she’s not playing armchair quarterback, she enjoys the theatre, reading, and following politics and current events.

She’s also a corporate vice president with a sense of honor and a sense of humor. Donna served in the US Army from 1986 to 1988 as a finance specialist. But occasionally she says they let her “play soldier.” On a mission to move an entire kitchen staff (in kitchen white uniforms) in a five-ton truck, Donna was given the opportunity to drive them to their destination. In that effort, she managed to drive the front tire into a hole around chest-deep sending green Kool-Aid “and whatever else was back there” onto and all over the previously spotless staff. “It took an entire platoon of females and two male drill sergeants to get the five-ton out of the hole. The amazing part was they still let me drive it,” she laughs, “even back it out of the hole while everyone pushed!”

During basic training, Donna remembers having her laundry picked up once it was bagged and ready for cleaning. “I made the mistake of asking when they were coming to do our boots. Needless to say, I spent the evening polishing my entire company’s boots!”

Live and learn. And Donna has done so. From the military precision of the armed forces to the strategic planning on the football field, Donna takes the best of her experiences and synthesizes them to bring her personal best to the process of Paducah Bank’s mortgage lending services.

Team Players and Their Thoughts

Cindy BAILEY Loan Officer • 3 years at Paducah Bank
I think our knowledge of the various products that we have to offer really sets us apart from the competition. If we, the supporting staff, don’t know the answer to a question, then Donna does. We work as a team and depend on each other to get the job done. When I say done right, did I mention quick and efficient? • I can honestly say I LOVE banking. It’s great to work for an institution that truly cares not only for fellow co-owners, but the client as well. • I have two daughters at UK, so I enjoy visiting Lexington and shopping! • If my peers were asked about my distinguishing characteristic, they’d probably say “my dedication.” • If they were asked what my most annoying quality is, they’d probably say I’m always asking “Why?”

Cynthia BRISTOW Mortgage Originator • 17 years at Paducah Bank
We value all of our customers and treat them with respect. We’re good at what we do and we always look out for our customers’ best interest. • I like coming to work and it’s still fun after all these years. I love meeting new people and seeing familiar faces; being able to help people with their financial needs. • My favorite thing to do outside work is dance. I love it. I also like to travel, have meals prepared for me, read, talk, and I’ve been known to do a little shopping. • If my peers were asked about my distinguishing characteristic, they’d probably say “my honesty and tenacity.” • If they were asked what my most annoying quality is, they’d probably say “my propensity to be opinionated.”

Betsy LOCKETT Retail Lender Trainee • 3 years at Paducah Bank
I am always impressed with how fast and efficient I think we are when taking care of a customer’s loan needs in our mortgage department. I think our customers are, too. • When I come to work every day, it’s gratifying to know that our name will always be Paducah Bank, not a/k/a whatever! That’s very good to know. • In my spare time, I enjoy camping in the summer and shopping in the winter. • If my peers were asked about my distinguishing characteristic, they’d probably say “my identical twin sister.” • If they were asked what my most annoying quality is, they’d probably say that “I talk way too much” . . . but sometimes that can be a good thing!