There’s No Place Like Home

For Quality, Commitment, and Cooperation

It is disappointing to community businesses and professionals when potential clients go out of town for products and services they can tap into right in their own backyard. Of course, it is not unique to Paducah. It is said that people in Nashville go to Atlanta for what they consider to be “top quality,” and companies in Atlanta go to New York, and businesses in New York go to LA! It seems it is a never-ending, grass-is-always greener scenario that continuously filters its way north, south, east, or west.

But when neighboring businesses work together for the corporate good, everyone in a local community benefits. It is a win/win situation. For when one client or customer invests in a community partner, both companies have the potential to grow and develop into bigger, better economic entities.

Paducah Bank is proud of its own local ownership, and proud to partner with other locally owned businesses to make each of us better, stronger, and more successful. Other businesses agree. Just listen.

President, Mazzone Communications“When I went into business with a partner a number of years ago, we used to say that all we had to do was carry a briefcase and be from out of town, and we were guaranteed to be hired . . . as long as we weren’t calling on people in Paducah. For the first three-to-five years, more than half of our clients were located outside the area. That was not only frustrating, it was also demoralizing. Metro America hasn’t cornered the market on creativity or ingenuity. And thankfully, more and more business people are realizing that. Paducah’s highly successful Artist Relocation Program is a shining example.

Mazzone Communications is pleased to be a part of the publication you are reading right now. It pays to invest in local business partners. We know the community, we know each other, and we know our craft. We are flattered Paducah Bank called on us to create Expressions! ”

Darlene M. Mazzone
President, Mazzone Communications


Owner, Paducah Printing/Horizon Graphics“With a name like Paducah Printing, it is obvious our focus is on the community. We often see businesses look outside of Paducah for their needs, believing those in larger cities are better able to deliver a quality product. The fact is you can find local companies that offer truly comprehensive services in every area of business. Paducah Bank and President Wally Bateman understand that.

Paducah Printing just completed a series of television spots for Paducah Bank. These ads, to the surprise of some, were done under our roof. Even the music on the Free Checking ad is from a local band, Southern Jazz.

It’s great to see a bank so aware of its community; a bank that makes an effort to see its local businesses and neighborhoods flourish.”

Bruce Shulman
Owner, Paducah Printing/Horizon Graphics


Booking Agent, Southern Jazz“Nothing gives Dr. Ted Borodofsky and Southern Jazz more pleasure than to work with local groups and corporate concerns on projects that benefit everyone involved. The band members were very pleased to provide the background music for Paducah Bank’s new television campaign. The opportunity gave more people in the community the chance to hear their music, and it gave a truly local flavor to the bank’s message. It was a terrific creative collaboration.”

Dr. Ted Borodofsky
Booking Agent, Southern Jazz