Their Boots Were Made for Walking

…. back here to Paducah.

John, Roger, and Doug Truitt

In 2004 siblings John and Doug Truitt traded in the tumbleweed and cactus of Texas for the dogwoods and azaleas of their ancestral home in Western Kentucky. { In 1957 the brothers’ grandparents moved to Paducah from Marion, KY where the Truitt family has maintained a homestead since the 1840s .} To their surprise, a business opportunity came along here on the familiar riverbank of the Ohio in Paducah. Deciding to make the move and set up shop in a place perhaps not necessarily considered the mecca of high tech, the two aspiring information technologists began a venture that has now grown to encompass not only regional clients but national ones as well.

Since that time the Truitts, with their father Roger, have grown their firm, Kalleo Technologies, into an inspiration for both existing and potential companies in Western Kentucky. This year, the firm was named the Entrepreneur of the Year at the Paducah–McCracken County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting.

Since its beginning, Kalleo has established credibility with a loyal client base. This success is the result of in-depth research and a dedication to hard work (the foundation of every business small or large). John and Doug were both experienced in assisting firms with improving the management of applications and computer systems. As the brothers began to research the needs of small businesses, they began to identify unmet needs within the healthcare industry.

Kalleo now provides small businesses with secure, reliable computer networks and provides expert support when IT problems arise. Without this top level of IT support, most small businesses struggle to compete in a global economic landscape.

“We believe in a commitment to excellence,” said John Truitt, President. “We endeavor to create pressure upon ourselves to always do what is right for the customer. Our goal is to bring the type of high-level IT experience found in large-scale enterprise-class companies to small- and medium-sized organizations.”

Does that sound like a certain bank you might know? Roger Truitt comments that the choice to work with Paducah Bank was an easy one. “We have done business from day one with Paducah Bank,” he says. “We chose them because of their excellent reputation and our desire as a business headquartered in Paducah/McCracken County to work with a local bank. We have been very pleased with the excellent service we have received from Janie Smith and everyone we’ve encountered at the bank.”

Kalleo works with firms to improve their IT systems and to address security issues that are of utmost importance. The experience Kalleo brings to small businesses in Western Kentucky provides a high level of service for their clients. In fact, the company name is Latin for “knowledge gained through experience.”

However, the firm is not limited to a regional scope of growth. They have established a client base that spans the country.

“Our experience has allowed us to build a support organization that can manage computer systems anywhere in the country,” said Doug Truitt, Chief Technical Officer. “In fact, we have clients as far away as New York, Florida, and Hawaii, but the majority are in Kentucky.”

The company has experienced rapid growth since their arrival on Paducah’s shores. “In the last several years, we’ve seen more than 100% growth in employees, revenue, and profits. We plan to continue this growth, thereby contributing to the economies of Paducah and McCracken County,” said Doug.

The Truitts are proud of their local roots and even more proud of the community in which they now live.

“Starting a successful business in Paducah and McCracken County is something we’re proud of. This is a great place to live and raise a family,” said John.

Paducah Bank shares the Truitts’ love of their community and supports their efforts to grow industry in McCracken County.