The Golden Rule

Gene Ceglinski was once featured on the cover of PADUCAH LIFE Magazine, the area’s feature-style publication. Executive editor, Darlene Mazzone, said it was the publication’s best selling issue. “Everywhere we went after that issue hit the newsstands, people would stop me to tell me their individual story with regard to Gene Ceglinski and his treatment of a cherished pet. It was amazing that for weeks after he was on the cover of the magazine, the stories were still coming about how he saved a dog, cured a cat, came in at all hours to take care of a beloved animal.”

dr. gene ceglinski is a name that is synonymous with veterinary medicine in  Paducah and the western Kentucky region. A part of the community since June 1974, Dr. Ceglinski’s clinic has developed a reputation for the kind of care and competency that every animal owner wants to know they have access to.

Ten years ago, it was time to expand the singular practice Dr. Ceglinski had conducted for so long. Rennie Church joined the Ceglinski Clinic. John Kelley was a welcome addition five years ago, giving the two new vets an environment ripe with the knowledge of experience, paired with education in new technology.

At the end of last year the Ceglinski Clinic constructed a massive expansion that has given the veterinarians the space to immensely expand services. “There are so many new advances in technology that force the cost of any medicine to go up, but we do the best we can to offer services at a fair price,” says Dr. Ceglinski. With top-notch equipment, the group is referred to more as a mini-clinic hospital. “People are amazed at the scope of things we do here. We might take a spleen out one day and set a bone the next,” says Dr. Church.

John Kelley grew up in Illinois and started working at a veterinary clinic at the age of sixteen. He remembers vividly, “When there was a question about a certain diagnosis or something that couldn’t be figured out, they would always call this guy, Ceglinski. I didn’t know who this guy was, but I knew I wanted to find out. After working here for five years, I can still call him at 2 a.m. if needed.”

Aiding in the changes in medicine is the fact that “they come with knowledge now,” says Dr. Ceglinski. “We used to have to hire and self-train all new staff, but they get more hands-on experience in college, which is a necessity. Both Dr. Church and Dr. Kelley have become invaluable to this practice.”

“Older vets put more emphasis on the exam rather than running a multitude of tests.  Rennie and John have brought something new to the table. Where my experience has allowed a gut reaction to certain symptoms, they have new knowledge on available treatments,” says Dr. Ceglinski.  Rennie adds, “Of the many things that I’ve learned from “DOC,” client education has been most valuable.  We all take the extra time to go through the anatomy of what is wrong and talk the owner through our methods.  They need to know exactly what is wrong and what we are going to do to fix it.”

“We just treat others as we would want to be treated.  The Golden Rule applies in everything that we do,” says Dr. Ceglinski.

As in every venture in life, we all need the support of our friends, family, and the community we live in. Dr Ceglinksi says, “Paducah Bank has always been there for me. They are extremely professional, and I couldn’t do this without them.”