Taking Care of Children, Business, Future Dreams

As a hands-on business owner, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, mother of three nearly grown children, and a long history as a civic and community leader, Rosa Scott leads a very full life.

Most days she is busy teaching and caring for children from the age of infant to 10 years at Care Bears Day Care Center, the business she opened 17 years ago. As a young college student, Rosa planned to pursue a career in medical administration. Her plans took a different turn, however, when she was laid off from a job and an aunt suggested she open her own business. Rosa followed her aunt’s advice, and Care Bears Day Care was born. “I started it and decided it was God’s mission for me to take care of children,” she says.

Rosa views her business as a helping hand to many in the community. By utilizing Care Bears’ services, “a lot of single parents can go back to school or into the workforce,” explains Rosa. “It’s good to know you can give back to your community.”

A strong advocate for Paducah, Rosa credits Paducah Bank with giving back to the community as well. “They’ve been very helpful to me as a business owner. I switched to Paducah Bank after I was already in business, and I’ve been very pleased,” Rosa says. “I love that Paducah Bank is Paducah owned.”

Working toward a Paducah that embraces diversity is high on Rosa’s list of daily tasks. In her position as NAACP

Chapter President, a position she has held since January of 2009, Rosa has the opportunity to bring Paducahans together. “This is an organization where people can come together and relate with different or similar backgrounds, come together as an organization, and guide and lead in the right direction.”

Rosa says she often deals with cases where people feel as though they may have been discriminated against, and she likes to address the issue and get it resolved as quickly as possible. She credits her grandmother with teaching a valuable lesson that she uses in her work today. “My grandmother was my role model. She was a soft-spoken woman and taught me to always think about situations first before acting on them.”

Rosa’s mother also had a profound influence on her life. Until her recent death, Veatrice Scott played a big role in cooking and caring for children at Care Bears. She was “my strength and my backbone. She always stood by my side all the way,” says Rosa.

In her multiple roles, Rosa Scott tries to pass on some of what she has learned. She advises young women “to get involved in their community, join organizations they’re interested in, set high goals, and reach them to the fullest.”