Take a bite out of Expenses!


biteOutOfExpensesBut Paducah Bank has made using a check card even more rewarding through the WOW! Check Card Cash Reward Program (see details of program on page 32). And Dr. Brent Wortham has made back some of his expenditures by cashing in on this profitable product.

By choosing the credit rather than the debit option at the time of purchase, you earn money by simply using your check card! And the rewards can add up fast.

Dr. Brent Wortham, a Paducah dentist, is one of Paducah Bank’s top earners through the WOW! Check Card Cash Reward Program. “The debit card is so much more convenient to carry with less identification hassles,” says Dr. Wortham as he highlights another great perk to using a WOW! Check Card. “I choose to use the percentage back terms for the maximum $599 return.

This option allows you to earn back a portion of the money you spend with the card,” he adds. So you actually make money when you spend money! Does it get any better than this?

Another reward option is the number of transactions option. It allows customers to earn cash rewards based upon the number of signature-based check card purchases. So customers have a choice depending on the number and amount of their normal activity.

Dr. Wortham not only knows the value of being a check card user, he knows its value as a local professional. “We take Paducah Bank Check Cards at our office as well,” he adds. “It’s a win-win situation. It allows our patients to participate in a really beneficial banking program and we know that our payments will be handled safely and efficiently by Paducah Bank.”