Super Shredding for Safety and Security!


Theft of personal information does happen. We hear about it every day. That’s one of the reasons Paducah Bank has consistently been a sponsor of Super Shredder days around the community. No one realizes how important it is to safeguard your personal and financial information more than Paducah Bank.

As a reminder, remember that no one from Paducah Bank will ever ask for your personalfinancial information over the phone or in an email. Scammers have become extremely proficient at creating look-alike communications that can easily give the false impression of being realistic. Only discuss your private financial information with someone from the bank so that you are assured you are not compromising your bank accounts or your account information.

Fortunately, this kind of experience is rare. But it only takes one mistake to create a situation where your accounts might be violated. So shred those documents that are no longer needed, as well as those that might include information that could expose your personal finances! And we’ll help by bringing the Super Shredder to you on a regular basis!