Your Private Banker Barry Smith: Suit Up. Take the Ball. Run with it.

private bankerThe team comes together for the offense. Who will suit up, take the ball, and run with it? How will the team create opportunities for the ball handler? What moves will work best to bring home the win?

The new guy on the team is Barry Smith and he’s “suited up” and ready for the game as Paducah Bank’s new Director of Wealth Management. Having the ball in his court isn’t really new to Barry.

Once upon a time in southern Illinois, those same words meant an SIU uniform and a basketball court. And winning meant taking a trip to the NCAA during his freshman year.

“I realize that I now live in Kentucky, and I am more than aware of the loyalties among basketball fans in this state,” says Barry with a grin. “And I honor that. Cheering on your team is one of the great joys of any basketball fan.”

But Barry’s heart still beats with the speed of a Saluki when the topic shifts to college hoops—and for good reason. It was a very special time in his life.

“In my first year of college, playing basketball on the national stage was pretty much a dream come true,” admits Barry. “I had the privilege of playing against Larry Bird at Indiana State, who obviously went on to an incredible career in the NBA. I also went up against players like Kiki Vandeweghe, David Greenwood, Norm Nixon, and Maurice Cheeks. Little did I know at the time the famous company I was in. I was just there to play and win.”

And win they did. Barry’s SIU team went to the NCAA tournament his first year at the university and won their first game against Arizona. They then lost to Wake Forest in the second round. And even though the time on the floor wasn’t quite what the team might have dreamed of, it was still the kind of memory that basketball dreams are made of.

Barry’s dedication to teamwork, hard work, and the work it takes to accomplish sought-after goals has been a consistent undercurrent in both his athletic endeavors as well as his professional career.

After college, Barry spent almost a decade in insurance and then followed that with a position in management with Pepsi in southern Illinois. He was a regional manager with Kroger for nine years before making his way into the world of banking with Union Planters in Murphysboro, IL. He later joined Regions Bank in Paducah before assuming the position of Director of Wealth Management at Paducah Bank.

“These may seem like dissimilar careers, but they are actually very similar. In every company and every position, I have been bringing people together to achieve a common goal,” Barry says. “And that’s one of the things that Paducah Bank does so very well.”

In his new role, Barry will be responsible for leading efforts to integrate banking clients with additional wealth management solutions available to them at Paducah Bank. He will also serve as a key relationship manager and aggressively work to expand the Paducah Bank presence within western Kentucky.

“Barry is a seasoned leader with an unwavering commitment to this market,” said Paducah Bank President Mardie Herndon. “I am pleased that he and his wife Amy are now part of the Paducah Bank family. This move underscores our commitment to growth and illustrates the level of confidence that we have and the opportunity that we see in both the local market and the entire western Kentucky market. Wealth Management will continue to expand as we invest for the future and focus on top talent like Barry Smith.”

Barry is active within our community and maintains leadership roles with the board of directors for the Rotary Club of Paducah and the board of directors for the Carson Center.

“I think if you live in Paducah and you care about the community,” Barry adds, “you can’t help but be aware of all that this bank does for the people and the organizations in Paducah and the surrounding area. They are involved in virtually every part of this community, and I take great pride in now being an active part of that kind of civic commitment.”