SPACE the Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the Paducah Bank enterprise. The mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no bank has gone before.

OK, MAYBE IT’S MOSTLY ABOUT EXPANDING the inner and outer spaces at all of Paducah Bank’s enterprise centers. The bank IS exploring new ways of working with its many valued customers; it IS seeking out new ways of life in banking; and it definitely DOES go boldly where no other bank has gone before! Here’s a rundown of Paducah Bank’s most recent forays into inner and outer space as a result of a long-term strategic facilities management plan.

Lone Oak Banking Center
One of the first projects the bank undertook as a part of its long-term strategic plan was to renovate an overcrowded situation at the Paducah Bank Lone Oak location. At this site, a large community room was converted into three offices and a conference room to provide private space for customers, an issue that the bank believes is of vital importance to customers. “We also added our new full-service ATM in the entryway of this location. This new ATM is basically a bank for all hours,” said Joe Framptom, Chairman and CEO. The new technology allows the machine to accept a cash deposit, count it and provide a receipt. This new system is the only one of its kind in the region.


Katterjohn Operations Center
Last year Paducah Bank invested $1.25 million in an expansion project that included the acquisition and renovation of two properties on Jefferson Street in Paducah. Due to the bank’s continued growth, the space was needed to relocate and enlarge the deposit and loan operations departments, phone center, data processing and IT department. This expansion freed up much-needed space in the Main Office for the expansion of other customer service areas, and the move into the new building gave the operations departments a new home for more efficient financial accounting and processing functions. The ability to house these non-customer services inside a locked and key-padded facility, accessible only to the bank staff, is a further measure of
information security.

Reidland Banking Center
This spring the bank undertook a renovation at the Reidland location as well. To alleviate overcrowding at this site, the bank doubled the size of the operations space and provided four private offices and a conference room. “We also moved the drive-in lanes from the side of the building around to the rear,” Framptom explained. “We were having some traffic congestion, sometimes even into the street, so the relocation of that service to the rear of the building has alleviated that issue.”

One of the most unique new aspects in the Reidland office is the creation of “personal banking dialogue stations.” (Very space age, we think!) These new freestanding “tellers” offer the customer and the customer service representative the ability to work face-to-face and one-on-one with the use of the computer accessible as well. “We think this is a new way of banking, which allows the customer more privacy, more personal contact with the banking associate and, hopefully, a more productive transactional experience,” Framptom explained.

Also included in the Reidland lobby reincarnation was the installation of TV screens so that waiting customers can have access to national news, financial updates, stock reports and information about evolving Paducah Bank products.

spaceMain Office
At present, the bank is involved with renovation of the second floor of the Main Office on Jefferson Street. This 15,000 square-foot area will be totally remodeled and is due to be complete in the first quarter of 2008. This new area will accommodate the areas of Private Banking, Trust, and Paducah Financial Consultants. “These are areas which often meet with and serve the same types of customers,” Framptom explained, “so this new arrangement will be focused on customer convenience. Clients can come to the second floor and meet with any or all of these financial professionals with regard to a multitude of multi-faceted services.” The bank is also installing a pneumatic tube system so that documents can be easily transmitted from these offices to the transaction areas on the first floor.

In addition to the multi-million dollar investment in these brick-and-mortar facilities, the bank has also invested some time and effort in creating a bit more “green space” in the downtown community by creating a micro-park area adjacent to the Katterjohn Operations Center, formerly a concrete parking lot. This small piece of green in an otherwise brownish-gray borough is open for the enjoyment of Paducah’s citizenry and visitors!