Shedding New Light on Lower Town

From its inception, Paducah Bank has been an integral part of Paducah’s Artist Relocation Program. By providing financial incentives to incoming artists who choose to build or renovate Lower Town structures, the bank and the city have successfully partnered to bring new life and now, new light, to this neighborhood which was once home to ship’s captains and kings of cotton.

NewLightPart of the city’s plan for the budding Artist Relocation Program is to install period street lighting in the areas which are being renovated and revived. The price tag of approximately $575,000 seemed at once daunting, but has now been put within the realm of reality thanks to the city’s provision of $110,000 in cash and in-kind services and the commitment of Paducah Bank to cover the cost of lighting in the block which surrounds its headquarters office on Jefferson Street.

“Once again, Paducah Bank is showing itself to be an incredible partner with the city as we go about the business of restoring our Lower Town area,” said Tom Barnett, director of Paducah’s Planning Department. “I have said it many times before and undoubtedly will say it many more times. The truth is, we could not have had the success that we are achieving in Lower Town without the stout and on-going commitment of Paducah Bank.”

Paducah Bank’s commitment to spend more than $36,000 to purchase the nine lights which will surround the block where the bank is located, made possible the completion of the full 140-light installation planned by the program’s creators and facilitators. “We will also be providing 40 mounting brackets which will allow us to hang decorative banners in the future,” Barnett added.

Once again, as more than a century ago, the grand avenues of Paducah’s historic Lower Town neighborhood will be aglow in the warm aura of new life and new light.