Sometimes ad slogans are transcendent.

When we stumbled across this vintage photo from the 60s in our Paducah Bank scrapbook, we were struck by the sentiment on the building some 40 years ago. Believing in a local economy was and is a fundamental belief of this bank both four decades ago and as we enter the 21st century.

Here we are, decades later, STILL seeking to make Paducah work by bringing more economic opportunities and new ideas to the community like, for example, a certain Artist Relocation Program. Paducah Bank’s early and continued involvement in this program has resulted in a renewed viability of our Lower Town residential area and the significant impact of an entirely new group of community-minded citizens. These new arrivals on our shores have brought their talents and their support to our small part of the globe. They add one more unique element to an already visionary and innovative citizenry dedicated to making Paducah productive and progressive. Paducah Bank believed in that philosophy THEN. And we still do!

It’s always fun to look back from whence we came. Obviously, this advertisement was part of a give-away promotion that included, we assume, sports equipment and cash?

We recently found this black-and-white glossy in our scrapbook and thought it would be fun to see if anyone could identify this young woman. Seen here in her crisp cotton blouse, A-line sport skirt, and Oxfords, she apparently posed for this advertisement to promote something sports minded!

If you think you know the name of this early Paducah Bank model, leave your answer on our Facebook page, and we will put the names of all those with the right answer into a drawing for $100.

Forty years later, we’re still giving away great stuff!