Patio Panache!

Carla Berry rates MAX’s Patio as the BEST to start her weekend.

patioPanacheWOW: What do you like most about the patio?

CARLA: John and I are boaters and love the outdoors. We love being outside at Max’s patio to enjoy the ambience of the great restaurant and an evening outdoors.

WOW: What’s your favorite dish to eat on the patio?

CARLA: Well, since I’m a salad fanatic, I like the chicken Caesar salad and also this fabulous chicken dish. And the crab cakes are terrific. But we don’t get to order them very often. Max and Judy Bastani are personal friends of ours, and they say we’re more like family, so they tell us not to order the crab cakes. They need to save them for company!

WOW: What’s your usual routine on the patio?

CARLA: John and I usually go on Friday night before we head to the lake for the weekend. It’s a great start to our weekend. We often hang around late so that we can visit with Max and Judy after they get out of the kitchen. We’ve been friends for many years and we have always respected the work they invested in the renovation of the building. They have created a great atmosphere in their establishment and were one of the first to believe in the potential of the Market House Square area. They have been part of the backbone of the city’s downtown revitalization.

WOW: If you could take a celebrity to the patio, who would it be?

CARLA: Anthony Hopkins. I’d take him anywhere.

WOW: Do you like the patio better in the spring or in the fall?

CARLA: I just like being on the patio no matter what kind of weather it is. I am NOT a fair weather fan.

WOW: What elements make the patio experience even better than usual?

CARLA: When the Cruisers are there making music for the patio-goers. Their live music makes the whole patio more lively!

WOW: If you could add something to the patio, what would it be?

CARLA: The ocean.

WOW: What would surprise people about patio partying?

CARLA: Probably how much work that goes into creating such a dining experience. I know first hand how hard Max and Judy work to “cook-up” such a great place to gather. From the wine list to the menu planning to the creation of such terrific meals, it takes a lot of love to put together a patio with such . . . panache! (Did that sound like something from Sex and the City?)