Paducah Has a PLACE in the heart of Sam & Mia!

We asked our young commercial stars to tell us why Paducah will ALWAYS have a special place in their hearts no matter where they may go in the world.

Sam Palmer sam leaning

“My heart will always be in Paducah because everyone here is so friendly. When we moved to Paducah we didn’t know anyone and now we have so many friends that are like family to us. It is a really nice community and we are happy here.”

Sam’s favorite place in Paducah is Noble Park because he loves the bike trail and the playground (and Dairy Queen and Pizza Inn are right across the road as well).

Sam is 8 years old and will be in third grade at Concord Elementary. He loves playing sports of all kinds but especially baseball, basketball and golf. He is always ready to play a game, particularly chess or anything on the Wii. Sam lives with his Mom and Dad, his twin brother Liam and his two dogs, Horton and Maggie. If becoming a professional athlete doesn’t work out, his back up plan is to become a veterinarian because he really loves dogs.


Mia Vasquezmia closeup

“My heart will always be in Paducah because this is where I have lived my whole life! My home is here and my family is here. This is where I feel comfortable and home IS where your HEART is!”

Mia’s favorite PLACE in Paducah is the riverfront because it makes her feel closer to her dad when he is away at work. He works on the river for Marquette Transportation.

Mia is 10 years old and will be in fifth grade at Lone Oak Intermediate this fall. She enjoys reading and writing. She also loves to sing and rap. She gets physical playing basketball and swimming and is crazy about making clay sculptures. Naturally she loves the theatre and is currently learning to play guitar. And animals are a big part of Mia’s life in Paducah. She has a dog, two cats, two parakeets, a parrot and a hermit crab!