Paducah Financial Consultants

George Shaw& Wendy Kester look back on a decade of financial advising.

Glen Titsworth looks back on a lifelong relationship.

Glen Titsworth’s father was a customer of Paducah Bank. So, like father, like son, when Glen and Linda moved to Paducah in 1966, they too opened an account at Paducah Bank.

“When I arrived in Paducah my dad said that I needed to go down to the bank and borrow $500. So I went in to see Mr. DeJarnett who was the bank president at the time. His wife

had been my elementary school teacher. He asked me a lot of questions. I still think my dad probably put him up to that so I’d know how serious this transaction was,” Titsworth laughs. “I borrowed the money and paid it back, and that was the beginning of a long and productive relationship.”

That relationship has now transcended a loan of $500 in 1966 to working with George Shaw at Paducah Financial Consultants (PFC), the bank’s affiliate financial management organization.

“I had been working with George before he joined PFC, and it was a natural transition when he joined the bank and Paducah Financial Consultants in 2002,” Titsworth adds. “It was the best of both worlds. Now my bank and my broker were in one place.”

This year Paducah Financial Consultants is celebrating a decade of service at Paducah Bank. George Shaw and Wendy Kester joined the organization as its first financial advisors in 2002. Now ten years later, much has changed; but one thing in this volatile marketplace IS constant—the duo’s commitment to professional advice and personal service for their clients.

“I think the most important thing that we provide at PFC is a relationship with clients based on confidence and trust,” Shaw says. “Glen is one of many clients who saw the connection between a trusted advisor and a trustworthy banking institution as one of merit. Many people who were already Paducah Bank customers have become investment clients as well. It’s like a one-stop shop. They can manage their banking along with their investments with people they know have their best interest as a priority.”

Titsworth cites many reasons he has chosen to work with George Shaw through the years. “The two most important things to me in my relationship with George are that he is a professional in every way, and he stays in touch with me on a regular basis. There are lots of brokers out there to choose from, and I don’t think all of them operate that way. I have great faith in both George and Paducah Bank, and believe they are looking out for what’s best for me and my personal financial plan.”

That viewpoint is further substantiated by Wendy Kester.  “We do our best for our clients when we have a comprehensive view of their financial situation,” she comments. “This last decade has not been easy for investors, and we’ve all learned some tough lessons. Our economy is more closely tied to the rest of the world than ever before, and sometimes investors lack the full range of asset classes needed to achieve true diversification and to balance all types of risk. Because we cannot predict what the next financial crisis will be, and how far reaching its effects will go, a complete financial plan is critical.”

Both Shaw and Kester know that the world is constantly changing. The near-collapse of the American financial market in 2008 is just one example of the insecurity that today’s investors are facing. “Those who have relied on traditional bank deposits to supplement their retirement income have been struggling. Those who have been building funds in a 401k are now wondering if those funds will be sufficient. Those who are just beginning to save are wondering if it’s even worth the effort. Today’s financial environment has never been more complex or uncertain.”

But there IS a bright side Kester believes. “We live in one of the most innovative and industrious areas of the world. We must broaden our minds and recognize that living in a different world requires different strategies. Individuals need to evaluate where they stand financially, educate themselves on their options, and formulate a plan for success. Partnering with an advisor who cares about you as a person; understands your resources, needs, and objectives; and who has the experience to help you filter through the complexities, can make all the difference. This is our commitment to the clients of Paducah Financial Consultants. We believe this philosophy is critical to helping individuals and families find the path that is right for them.”